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Ramp carpets are installed onto the surface of the Horsebox Ramps. VN Flooring is used for this application (usually VN07 – anthracite or VN29 – forest green) these are the popular choices with our Horsebox Manufacturers.

The Key Benefits are:

  • Easy to fit, only takes one person to install.
  • VN Flooring is considerably lighter in weight than the traditional rubber matting but just as durable
  • Better grip for horses entering or exiting the box.
  • The forest green carpet is becoming increasingly popular amongst our Horsebox manufacturers and owners because from feedback it shows that the horses are associating the green carpet as grass which aids the owner to navigate the horse in and out of the vehicle.

If you require any further information on our ramp carpet service please contact Richard Ayers on 01995 643033 or email him at .

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