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Coach carpets are cut according to the many different variations of coaches on the road today, from the Neoplan Starliner to the Plaxton Panther.

We have a wide range of floor plans, which are being continually updated,  for most vehicles, but because all coaches are hand built on different chassis’s and to suit their original owner’s specifications carpet kits are cut slightly oversized to accommodate the variations that may occur so trimming will be required.

All carpet kits will require a small amount of trimming for the perfect finish. All our carpet sets come with pins and inserts included so everything you need is included.

The key benefits are:

  • Ease of fitting, carpet kits come ready to lay with the minimum amount of trimming
  • Full carpet kits can be laid in less than 2 hours, using just a sharp Stanley knife, drill & hammer.
  • If you prefer one coloured carpet in one coach and different colour in another, then you can order just the carpet needed without ordering excess.
  • the laid carpet will protect the sub floor underneath.
  • If properly looked after, coach carpets can last for many years.
  • A new carpet in your vehicle will uplift the whole interior with minimal cost.
  • Order only the carpet pieces you require. variations see below

Variations to Carpet Kits

Carpet kits can be supplied in any variety of pieces.

Examples of popular combinations:

  • Fullset – (consists of Aisle / Topstep / Driver Area / Front Entrance Steps / Continental Steps)
  • Aisle / Topstep
  • Aisle / Topstep / Driver Area
  • Aisle only

Guide to fitting:

Before fitting any carpet, make sure the floor is clean and you know where each piece is to be placed.

In vehicles were carpet has not been fitted before Carpet Inserts need to be installed in the appropriate position (see diagram) *See below

  • First drill floor using a 6mm bit (take care to check there are no components positioned close to the underside of the floor you are about to drill)
  • Hammer inserts into your drilled holes.
  • Next Sweep floor ready for laying carpet.
  • Fit the carpet starting at the back first and work forward. i.e. fiveway – aisle – topstep / driver area – finishing with both sets of steps.
  • Lay each piece individually, once you are happy your piece of carpet is in the correct position, Using a sharp Stanley knife trim around any existing obstructions. ALWAYS TAKE CARE NOT TO CUT ANY OTHER SURFACE OR COMPONENT.
  • Once you have trimmed off any excess carpet and your piece fits perfectly, fix in place with your supplied Carpet Pins. Gently push pin through carpet to pierce the underside and locate into your insert located in the coach floor.
  • Continue with each piece of your carpet kit, till all carpet is installed.


Tip when fitting:

If your vehicle has an existing carpet, it is sometimes possible to use it as a template before laying your new carpet in the vehicle.


See our Coach Carpets Gallery.

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